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Our Pilots are more than just Pilots, our pilots are air ambulance Pilots. What’s the difference? A Pilot moves people, a Pilot moves cargo. An air ambulance Pilot uses their skill set to SAVE LIVES. Come see how rewarding it can be.

Medical Flight Crew

(RN, RT, PM, MD)

Join the team that teaches you how to operate at the apex of your field. A position in long distance air ambulance as a Nurse, a Paramedic, a Physician or even a Respiratory Therapist is challenging but worth it.

Flight Coordinator

(Sales, Dispatch)

Our Flight Coordinators are not salespeople. A Flight Coordinator with Peak Medevac is a highly trained individual with responsibilities that include dispatch, flight following and advanced coordination.


Peak Medevac International is committed to hiring qualified Veterans of the US Military and Allied Forces.