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The Light Jet Perfected

The Learjet 35A is the pioneer that created the business jet legacy- as the most trusted light jet platform in history. Twenty years before the Lear 35, Learjet introduced the first in a line of light business jets that would one day evolve into the Lear 35A, a platform that has been considered to be the light jet perfected. No other light jet before had the performance characteristics and safety standards of the Lear 35A, and no light jet since has matched the quality and performance of the Lear 35A.

At Peak Medevac, we understand this light jet platform better than anyone in the business. While other carriers struggle with an aging fleet, our fleet is not only maintained, but modernized to a standard that surpasses any other air ambulance Lear 35 aircraft in operation today.

Utilizing our unique approach to operating the most proven fixed wing air ambulance resource in the industry, we are capable of offering our customers something that no one else can- dispatch reliability that is unmatched, and fleet redundancy that is maintained at a greater ratio that any other company.