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Because YOU Matter

In the field of long distance air ambulance and international air medical transport, it is easy to fall into the confusion that is the online digital sea of air medical transport companies and brokers. Often, this confusion presents during a very difficult time, when you or a loved one is sick or injured and far from home or even in a foreign country and seeking a way to get home again.

Peak Medevac was founded by some of the most experienced and talented leaders in the industry, and with guiding principles that highlight our intentions to take care of our patients and clients. Our attention to detail and our guiding principle of advocacy led to our official motto;

‘Under Our Wing.’

An uncompromising approach to patient care and transport.

From our dispatch and logistics department, flight operations and medical operations, the men and women of Peak Medevac are standing by to receive your call. Talented medical crew, attentive mechanics, experienced pilots, and dedicated case managers all operate daily with a singular purpose- to never compromise the safety or speed of a mission- to do it right. Whether across the state or across the globe- we do it with integrity, Bedside to Bedside.