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Peak Medevac International.

 Peak Medevac is the premier long distance medical transport company operating in the western hemisphere. With our dedicated fleet of air ambulance jets that are owned, operated, and maintained- highly trained critical care teams, and multilingual case management and medical coordination teams, we are unmatched in our ability to serve our clients.

It’s more than our job. It’s our calling.

Call us to see the difference. We have a 24/7 communications center and multiple bases in West Coast and Central United States that are strategically positioned to respond.

It’s not just a job. Every employee at Peak Medevac has made a personal commitment to do what we do. Every nurse, every pilot, and every mechanic has at one point or another made a personal sacrifice to see that a mission comes together. It’s a calling, and we all think of how it would feel if it was our own family.
— RF. Higginson, Program Director.