Learjet 35A - The Light Jet Perfected

The Learjet 35A is the pioneer that created the business jet legacy as the most trusted light jet platform in history. 20 years before the Lear 35, Learjet introduced the first in a line of light business jets that would one day evolve into the Lear 35A, a platform that has been considered to be the light jet perfected. No other light jet before had the performance characteristics and safety standards of the Lear 35A, and no light jet since has matched the quality and performance of the Lear 35A.

At Peak Medevac, we understand this light jet platform better than anyone in the business. While other carriers struggle with an aging fleet, our fleet is not only maintained but modernized to a standard that surpasses any other air ambulance Lear 35 aircraft in operation today.

Proudly Owned, Operated, and Maintained

In our industry, there are many different types of companies. One classification we regard above all else, is the ‘owner/operator’. Peak Medevac proudly owns our fleet of aircraft, and our fleet is operated on our own 135 Certificate under our Director of Operations. Take a look around our leadership page. You will see that our company is comprised of experienced leaders in Medical, Aviation and Maintenance.

Learjet 55 - The Lightjet Expanded...

When Learjet developed the Lear 55, it was nicknamed the ‘longhorn’ due to the NASA designed winglets.

As another member of the Learjet family, we understand this light jet platform better than anyone in the business. Similar performance to the Learjet 35A, with a larger cabin and an on-board Lavoratory.

Utilizing our unique approach to operating the most proven fixed wing air ambulance resource in the industry, we are capable of offering our customers something that no one else can - dispatch reliability that is unmatched and fleet redundancy that is maintained at a greater ratio than any other company.

The Art of Aviation Maintenance

The Lear 35A has long been the leading aircraft in the long-distance air ambulance arena and remains renowned for safety and performance. Still, with a leadership team comprised of well over a hundred years combined experience in the industry, we are all too aware that the usefulness of the Learjet is only as good as its dispatch reliability.

Thanks to the extensive experience of our CEO Geno Haggan and his experience operating a 145 Lear repair station, combined with our Director of Maintenance and in-house mechanics, we have achieved the highest dispatch reliability in the industry.

Our Director of Maintenance (DOM) is an integral part of our leadership team and is involved in every aspect of our operation, even in overseeing the install and interior outfitting of every aircraft added to the fleet. Our mechanics are flight safety and factory-trained maintenance personnel have over 400 years of combined maintenance experience. They can perform complex maintenance in house- with limited downtime for our aircraft.

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ASI Charters, INC dba Peak Medevac International FAA Carrier Certificate #YHPA606T

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