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When Life Matters…

Prior to being employed by Peak Medevac, our Medical Flight Crew is carefully selected to meet our minimum requirements for flight.  They are experienced practitioners from the top of their fields before they ever step on to a Peak Medevac Jet. In fact, many of our medical crew members come from diverse backgrounds and are multi-lingual, carry advanced degrees, work as a nurse practitioner or volunteer time on international medical missions.

Our Medical Flight Crew is Best In Class.

Our on-boarding criteria requires 3-5 years minimum experience in a recruit’s discipline, followed by a rigorous training program that is administered through our field training officer program.  Teams are comprised of Registered Nurses, Respiratory Therapists and Advanced Paramedics. Many with five years or more working in the air ambulance field. After completing the training to be listed as active flight status in the company, our medical flight crew continues education in advanced segments of both science and theory of flight and altitude, as well as disaster triage management and EMS emergency/surgical techniques. We encourage and support our medical team in their pursuit of advanced credentials as well as the CFRN, FP-C, CCEMT-P, and the RRT-ACCS.

Every mission at Peak Medevac is assigned the medical flight crew that best serves the patient, and this assignment is made directly by the Chief Flight Nurse or Program Director.

Peak Medevac is committed to the pursuit of appropriate licensing and accreditation in the industry and in every state we operate. Beyond that, we are committed to the constant pursuit of always doing things better, to the pursuit of excellence.
— RF. Higginson, Program Director.