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When Safety Matters…

When customers fly on any Peak Medevac aircraft, they can be assured that our robust Safety Management System (SMS) is applied at every level of operation. The critical pre and post flight analysis of our SMS ensures that at Peak Medevac we are exceeding industry standards by every possible measurement.

 The mission of Peak Medevac’s Flight Operations Department is to conduct flight operations with the highest level of safety, superior customer satisfaction, and operate the industry’s most reliable aircraft. These elements constitute the best possible product quality for our Customers.

Our pilots are not just pilots, our pilots are air ambulance pilots.

Every Peak Medevac Captain has thousands of hours of flight experience in assigned aircraft and flying countless medical missions around the globe.

Pilots receive extensive training on an annual basis and receive ongoing training every six months at an FAA 14 CFR Part 142 Training Center. Each Pilot-in-Command holds an Airline Transport License and receives initial and recurrent training through rigorous Professional Pilot Training Programs that are conducted through both highly-accredited aviation companies and regimented in-house curriculum.

Peak Medevac Pilot Training far exceeds the requirements of FAA 14 CFR Part 135.

Our pilots have years of experience in the Air Ambulance community and operate with extreme ‘Esprit De Corps’ towards their mission. All Peak Medevac Pilots benefit from mentorship that has been passed down from industry leading professional pilots in the Medevac community.
— Bobby Dahlquist, Director of Operations